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Your entry will be sent to our administrative and scheduling team. We look forward to helping you! If you would like to contact your therapist, please do so directly.

Juniper Owens LCSW, CPT, LMT, IMHP

Co-Founder, Director of Education & Ecotherapy


Juniper Owens (she/her/they) is a licensed clinical social worker and ecotherapist with a passion for holistic wellness, environmental justice and education (learning and unlearning). Juniper has worked in clinical and directorial roles since 2002 in holistic health, and has worked in a mental health setting since 2010. They have a background as a licensed massage therapist, certified personal trainer, herbalism, medicine making, and internal arts/movement. Juniper believes in a body-mind-spirit-nature approach to guiding and supporting humans in wholing, self-healing, coming home to your true self, and living your gifts for the benefit of all. 

Juniper offers alternative and nature based mental health service as a guide and mentor offering individual sessions and programs. To learn more, please visit to learn more! These services and programs are a great adjunct to talk therapy as well. 

In their clinical work, Juniper trusts in Earth Wisdom traditions such as nature connection, somatic practices, movement, and spiritual development to help awaken and strengthen your inherent wholeness and body intelligence to move from a place of “stuckness” to expansiveness. My ultimate goal is to assist you in being yourself in the world with more ease. 

Their approach could be right for you if you have tried other types of therapy with little success, if you prefer holistic modalities, or if you enjoy being in nature. Their strengths are assisting folks who are healing from trauma, experiencing anxiety and chronic stress, in life transitions, feeling lost and disconnected, finding one’s purpose, struggling with self-love, relationships, and seeking deeper connection with self, community, and the planet.

They have experience working with folks transitioning seeking HRT or gender affirming surgeries and will submit necessary paperwork at no extra cost.  They also specialize in working with activists, climate grief/anxiety, and assisting white identifying folks with unsettling/decolonizing their bodyminds. 

Cultivating wholeness is the central focus of their therapeutic style. They use a combination of somatic ecotherapy, mindfulness-based CBT, transpersonal and positive psychology, ancestral healing, movement, bodywork, feminist perspective, radical self-care, ceremony/ritual, dream work, guided imagery, and non-ordinary state techniques in office and out-of-office sessions. 

Juniper provides LGBT+ friendly services and welcomes ALL individuals to their office. Their office is on the 2nd floor, please let us know if you are a person who uses a wheelchair or has other mobility needs. 

Juniper is one of the only therapists in the state trained in ecotherapy and is a Wild Mind (Nature-Based Map of the Human Psyche) trainee at Animas Valley Institute mentored by Brian Stafford, MD. Juniper loves the natural world and has experienced much healing, growth, and joy wandering and communing with the land; in fact she often credits her adventures in the backcountry and deepening relationship to the “more than human” world to her recovery from severe panic and anxiety, which was just the beginning of a deep and ongoing conversation with her most authentic self, her place in community, and rhythms of Gaia.

They have a lifetime of experience in the wilderness (kayaking, backpacking, and hiking), leading outdoor adventure groups, and is a certified level 2 Ecotherapist. In addition, they are a Kentucky Master Naturalist and a certified Yasei Shinrin Yoku guide and practitioner. They have studied with the Earthbody Institute, the Mindful Ecotherapy Center, Wildcraft Forest School, Trainings for Change, NNV Academy, Kripalu, and Animas Valley Institute. Juniper leads guided Shinrin-Yoku (or Forest Bathing) walks for the community, as well as other outdoor and nature connection offerings. They are also a trained Work That Reconnects facilitator, offering programs for community grief and despair work around environmental issues.

Please see our Services page about Outdoor and Nature Therapy to see if it would be a good fit for you. 

Contact Juniper at

Juniper is not currently accepting clients.

Please contact Juniper for inquiries about ecotherapy, forest bathing, bodywork, groups and nature retreats, or to lead a Work That Reconnects workshop or group. Ecotherapy services are currently on hold.

“The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.”

-Joanna Macy

Specializes In:  anxiety (PTSD and panic), fear, worry, chronic stress, feeling lost and disconnected, climate anxiety/anger, trauma (ancestral, individual and generational), white folks who are interested in unsettling/decolonizing their bodymind, LGBTQ+, body image/self-esteem, and holistic health/wellnes

Therapeutic Approaches: Somatic ecotherapy and nature connection, Wild Mind Guide (nature based map of the pscyhe) focused on wholing and self-healing, ceremony/ritual, feminist, depth psychology, movement, bodywork, spiritual/intuitive, radical self-care, non-ordinary states, solution focused and integrated EMDR.

Clients: Individuals, couples and group, 16+

Location: 632 East Market Street, Suite 205 (second floor) and outdoor locations

Payment/Insurance: Private pay at $150 per session, limited sliding scale and pro bono (full with waitlist at this time), (HSA, cash, check, credit). 


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