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Your entry will be sent to our administrative and scheduling team. We look forward to helping you! If you would like to contact your therapist, please do so directly.

Nicole Sartini M.Ed., LPCC, NCC, IMHP

Co-Founder, Executive Director and Therapist

Nicole Sartini (she/her/hers) has been practicing therapy professionally since 2010 and has been working in the field as a non-professional since 1999. Sartini’s specialty centers around helping adults recovering from difficult childhoods, leaders looking to find more balance in their lives, and high-functioning individuals who suffer from anxiety or depression. She also specializes in assisting individuals going through major life changes such as: entering adulthood, starting or graduating from college, getting married, making job changes, and preparing for, or adjusting to, the birth of a child. Nicole’s counseling practice involves integrating traditional talk therapy with mind-body work through the practice of mindfulness, the use of diet and exercise, nutritional supplements, and an emphasis on developing a healthy self image.

Nicole believes that every life obstacle we face can be transformed into an opportunity for growth. We cannot change the past, but as long as we are alive, we can acknowledge and act on the fact that we are still writing our stories- that the present and future are still ours to create. We can make the choice to love ourselves just as we are, and at the same time, move forward toward our goals and the kind of life we most want. It is her intention to help every person she works with to the best of her ability and to respect the trust they put in her as a mental health professional by offering thoughtful and evidence-based interventions.

Contact Nicole at To schedule an appointment with Nicole click here.

May we love deeply from the inside out

Specializes In:  depression, anxiety, recovery from childhood trauma and/or work life balance in high achieving adults, spiritual exploration and development

Therapeutic Approaches: Mindfulness-based CBT, outdoor walking sessions, and (when appropriate) psychedelic assisted therapy integration

Clients: Individuals, age 18+

Location: Bardstown Road Building, 1904 Eastern Parkway, walking sessions take place at Cherokee Park

Payment/Insurance: Private pay (HSA, cash, check, credit)

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