Individual, Family, Couples Counseling

We offer individual and family therapy for teens, adults, and couples. All of our therapists and coaches at Bridge Counseling and Wellness have been trained in integrative techniques and are knowledgeable about how physical health can affect emotional health. Additional training for each therapist can be found in their bios. It is important to us to provide a safe and welcoming space for people to heal and grow as we work together to individualize your therapy experience and meet your unique needs. Some of the things we can help with are:

Integrative Psychiatric Services

Our psychiatric services include a whole person perspective of mental health treatment, comprehensive evaluations, and medication monitoring. Our therapists and psychiatric nurse practitioners will work together to make sure your treatment plan is effective and contributes to increased well-being.

Nature and Outdoor Therapy

We offer scientifically proven, nature based therapeutic services, as well as workshops, retreats, and group adventures as part of our integrative approach.


Many of our therapists are trained and certified in different therapeutic modalities.

Wellness Services

Our wellness services focus on mindfulness, movement, nutrition, and nature, all of which support mental health. In addition, we offer energy and bodywork for wellness.

Online Therapy with Bridge Counseling and wellness

Bridge Counseling and Wellness now offers teletherapy (therapy online on a secure platform or via phone) for residents of Kentucky and Indiana. We provide all the information you need to participate in your telehealth session. You can now sign all necessary paperwork electronically. For more information about telehealth view our FAQs below.

Corporate & Group Training Services Coming to Bridge Counseling Soon

We are working to add corporate and group training services soon. Sign up on the form to the right to be notified when these services are available

Your entry will be sent to our administrative and scheduling team. We look forward to helping you! If you would like to contact your therapist, please do so directly.